How to add metadata to your Argo site

This video demonstrates how to add an About page, text about the site, the blogger's byline, the blogger photo, and links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Argo site.

This video covers a few theme features that have changed or removed. Take note of the following changes:

  • The Argo settings page is now Argo Theme Options, which can be found under the WordPress appearance menu.
  • In lieu of primary blogger field on Argo Settings page, the profile screen now contains the blog host checkbox. Be sure to add your Twitter username and short bio, and select the blog host checkbox on the primary blogger's profile page.
  • "About this site" is no longer tied to a blogger bio. You can now add a unique site description by visiting the "About this site" section of the Argo Theme Options page.
  • The about page is no longer added automatically. Instead, "About this site" populates a widget that you can move anywhere in the sidebar/footer of your site.