How to move or delete images from your posts

There are two ways to move and remove image modules from your sites, depending on which mode – Visual or HTML – you're most comfortable working in. HTML is slightly simpler, but Visual Mode is also pretty easy. Here are the steps to move or delete images in either case, followed by quick screencasts showing you how to do it.

In Visual Mode:

  1. Do not drag the image to move it. On Argo sites, images are part of a module that also contains credit and caption information. Clicking and dragging the image breaks the module and separates the image from that metadata.
  2. Instead, begin by removing the image module. Click on the image. A red circle with a line through it should appear in the upper-left-hand corner of the image. Click that icon to remove the image (and its credit and caption info).
  3. Then, re-insert the image module. If you've already uploaded your image to WordPress at any point in the past, it's already in your Media Library, complete with the caption and credit you entered when you uploaded it before. (If you uploaded your image to WordPress while you were prepping the post you're on, it's in your Gallery as well.) Click the icon next to "Upload/Insert" to bring up the "Add an Image" window, then click over to "Media Library" or "Gallery" and look for the desired image. Then you can click "Insert into post" to place the image in the right spot.

Here's a quick demo of how to move and delete an image in Visual Mode:

In HTML Mode:

  1. Highlight the image code. Look for code that begins with "[ caption id=..." and ends with "[ /caption ]." Highlight everything from the beginning of that snippet to the end.
  2. Then, either cut and paste the code where you'd like the image to appear ...
  3. ... or delete the code altogether if you'd like to remove the module.

Here's a quick demo of how to move and delete an image in HTML Mode:

Note: To add credit and caption fields for your images, grab the Argo media credit plugin.